Vivi Navarro

Vivi Navarro was born in 1962. Of Andalusian origin, she lives and works in Sète in the south of France, on the shores of the Mediterranean. Graduated in scientific and technical illustration in 1985, painting/photo/writing are her 3 mediums of choice. Curious about everything, computer graphics and graphic pencil are also part of his tools. The sea and the ports are his playgrounds. Working on board, as close as the crews, real life.

But planes slowly and surely impose themselves in his work as a matter of course, a logical sequel, sailors and pilots, two communities of men at the bottom, identical… Nomad in her flesh, it is to the writing and travel books that she devotes since her studies, without any alternative but the passion that animates her.

She is a friend and a valued supporter of the Raid in which she has participated several times. She gave us the great honour of making and offering us the 2020 and 2021 posters.

We recommend his book Aeropostale: from St. Louis of Senegal to Cap Juby (Magellan editions). For to draw the epic of the Aeropostale, between France, Morocco and Senegal, it took the energy of a passionate artist. She clung to the wings of the planes, she mobilized all her talent to find the traces of the pioneers, give back to the crews life and colors and enshrine them here in modernity. The "mail that must pass at any cost" across the seas and mountains is not the sole spring of myth or legend. 192 pages, Magellan Editions.

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Julien Masson

Photographer, filmmaker, documentary filmmaker, Julien Masson was born in 1986. Although based in Savoy where he is from, he works a lot abroad, especially in Africa. His work focuses on social, political and environmental issues.

In 2014, he broadcast his first documentary Voix d'Afrique, which gives voice to committed artists and sheds light on the dictatorships, geopolitical and economic problems of French-speaking Africa. By making it alone, without technical knowledge and without means, he learns on the job to film and then to mount. This first experience motivates him to continue on this path. In 2016, he broadcast a second documentary work: Memoir en Marche, following in the footsteps of the Senegalese gunners of 1939-1945 which gave rise to a film of 72' (projected in many festivals and broadcast on TV5), a long multimedia format for RFI / France media world, an exhibition and a photographic book. From 2015 to 2018, he participated in the design and writing of the photojournalist magazine Vies de Quetzal, in which he published three major reports on Senegalese gunners, social movements and citizens in French-speaking Africa and senegalese sinners.

In 2018, he participates in the Centenary Raid and creates a long multimedia format for RFI / France media world on the memory of the Aeropostale, available here: He also participated in the Patagonia Raid 2019.

Julien has very friendlyly offered us a lot of beautiful photos, which we use on this site and in our documents, we are very grateful to him.

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Romain Hugault

A comic book designer specializing in aeronautics, he is passionate about airplanes, pin-ups, and the atmosphere of the 1940s and 1950s.

He notably produced the book St Ex, a Prince in his citadel (Paquet editions) and the posters of the annual meeting of the Ferté-Alais "The time of the propellers". It offers deco prints in different formats (60 to 195cm) on different media (painter's canvas, aluminum, plexiglass).

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Christophe Schollhammer

Christophe Schollhammer is trained as a 3D photographer and illustrator.

Passionate about the subject, he has done many illustration works around the theme of Aeropostale and the Golden Age of Aviation. He has allowed us to use his illustrations on our website and we thank him very much.

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Julie Guillem

Julie Guillem is a French illustrator who lives and works in Paris.

She studied illustration at the National Higher School of Decorative Arts in Paris (ENSAD) and graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She enjoys working with different mediums, printing techniques and colors. For Julie, illustration is a way to travel, experiment and discover new possibilities. She is always ready for new challenges and adventures!
In particular, she created the illustrations for the book L'Aéropostale (Milan editions), which traces the extraordinary epic of the postal link between Toulouse and Santiago de Chile… to read as a family!
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Laurent Cheze

Laurent Cheze is a notebook and globetrotter, who plays with the continents.

He was born in 1959 in Tulle, and worked for 38 years at Air France, as a mechanic and then PNC, hence this adoration for the aviation world, from the Latecoère lines and its pioneers, to today's commercial aviation. He has created a fresco notebook, to date 53m long, in homage to all the pioneers of the Line, from Toulouse to Santiago de Chile.

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